The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative

Paul Ronan, Co-founder and Project Director [Author]

Kenneth Transier, Project Manager [Design and development]

Michael Poffenberger, Co-founder and former Executive Director

Margaux Fitoussi, Project Developer [Data analysis]

Invisible Children

Sean Poole, Counter-LRA Programs Manager

Guillaume Cailleaux, Country Coordinator, CAR

Saskia Rotshuizen, Central Africa Programs Coordinator [Data analysis and English-French translation]

Maree Oddoux, Central Africa Programs Intern [English-French translation]

Jean de Dieu Kandape, Project Manager, DRC

Sebastien Porter, Project Officer, CAR

Ferdinand Zangapayda, Early Warning Network Assistant Project Manager, CDJP

Kimmy Vandivort, International Operations Manager

Lisa Dougan, Central Africa Programs Manager & Policy Advisor